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Rick Triest

In addition to our award winning wine list, there is more to see in our bar.
We are very proud to be one of the vennues where Rick Triest displays his art.

Rick is Born in Purmerend, close to Amsterdam, on the 18th of April 1989.
He finished the Hotelschool of Amsterdam in the field of hospitality.
Rick started painting as soon as he graduated from the Hotelschool (2007)

At first it was a outlet for his creativity and expression. After selling his first series of abstract art, soon a second series and a first collabaration with the So Art Gallery in the Spiegelstraat in the Amsterdam Museum Kwartier.

The entrepreneurial spirit and drive for individuality was a huge motivation to continue in his search as a selfthought artist.

At the moment Rick has been exhibited nationaly and internationaly and has been included in multiple collections, private and corporate.

Additionaly Rick is permantly displayed in multiple hotels and corparate spaces.

Check out all his Art »