ordering wine

Bubbles & Wines is a member of QV SELECT. At our wine list you will find a selection of wines of QV SELECT Did you taste one of them in our restaurant and would you like to enjoy it at home? You can order it now through www.qvselect.nl! And a few day later you can pick them op at bubbles&wines.

What is QV SELECT?
QV SELECT offers over 400 wines of high quality both from classic as new wine countries. The selection is carefully made at relatively small wine producers. Those producers are active in their region for generations and make daily choises to get the best quality of wine bottled. No large wine companies, but wines produced at a small scale with a unique character, from a specific area, micro climat and grape. Wines with 'terroir', as we call it.

QV SELECT focusses on the wine lover going often to restaurants, but also want to enjoy an exceptional good glass of wine at home. A lot of wines are exclusively offered to the Ducht Horera. QV SELECT now offers you the opportunity to also enjoy these wines at you home. You won't find wines of QV SELECT in liquour stores or supermarkets. By ordering online and delivery through bars and restaurants QV SELECT can minimize overhead- and retail cost to offer you the wines at the best price. In short, exclusive wines for a low price. 

Click  here  to go to the QV SELECT website.

Even after a lengthy chat with the excitable sommelier, who clearly knew his grape, I could only chime, "I'll have what they're having'
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