winelist and menu 

It's a challenge to adjust our selection of wines per glass frequently (depending on the season and market developments), so we continue to surprise both our new as our regular guests. The list of wines by the bottle consists of over 400 wines of which 40 different champagnes of both well known as unknown houses. 

We are aiming for the right balance between old and new world countries, traditional and new exiting grapes, classic and modern made wines and large well known wine regions and less well known regions. Our expert wine waiters are glad to help you making the right choises.

For the connoisseur palate we have composed special wine flights: a combination of three half glasses of wine - allowing you to taste and relish some of the most refined wines available in Holland today.

Gourmet bites
To compliment your choice of a fine glass of champagne or wine, exquisite Gourmet Bites are the order of the day. At  bubbles&wines we offer a heavenly selection of Gourmet Bites which will enhance your appreciation of our delectable champagnes and wines.

Try a "flight of wine"(three half glasses - they're big glasses!), whilst nibbling on gourmet delights such as black truffle served with freshly baked bread.
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